Advertising Research

We can combine qualitative and quantitative research methods for advertising research. We help you understand the impact of calls to action on trial and purchase intent. We test how brand/logo/slogan recognition and how affects brand image and perceptions.  Unaided and aided message recall, comprehension, attention-grabbing power, and uniqueness are some of the metrics collected. We can test promotions and marketing collaterals and help you decide which is most effective. Did you get several creative solutions for a logo and can’t decide which one to go with? We can help you decide.

Benefits of Advertising Research

How Do We Do It?

Depending on the research objectives, metrics required, and the decisions clients expect to make based on the results, we implement the most appropriate qualitative and quantitative approaches.

How Do We Do It?

Which ad stands out?

Is the message delivered?

Does it help conversion?



  • Focus Groups (online and offline)
  • One-on-One interviews (online and offline)
  • Creative exercises as part of ethnographic research, diaries, bulletin boards, etc.


  • Monadic Concept Testing
  • Sequential Concept Testing
  • Maximum Difference Scale (MaxDiff)
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Linkage analysis of advertising and consumption behavior through transactional data and secondary sources

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