User research (UX) started in usability testing but has grown beyond to be part of the overall customer experience. However, it requires a certain level of specialization and expertise to do it right. We got that.


When it comes to designing websites and applications, both clients and designers tend to go for the “gut” feeling and personal likes and dislikes. Often the ultimate target audience is poorly understood or simply ignored.  Our research in this area can provide valuable unbiased insights in how to reach your target market, acquire customers and retain them.


How Do We Do It?

Finding the optimal design is often an iterative process where changes are made as feedback is gathered from the target audience at different stages of a website or app conception.


We conduct expert reviews based on proven design principals, as well as qualitative and quantitative research at any stage of the development. 


From the idea/wireframe phase, to design prototypes to fully developed websites or apps, we provide unbiased feedback of what makes them effective in supporting customer acquisition and retention goals.

How Do We Do It?
  • One or more concepts are tested
  • Changes are made to the concept(s)
  • New concept(s) is tested
  • Prototype is created based on changes to the new concepts
  • Prototype is tested
  • Fully functional beta version is created based on prototype testing
  • Beta version is tested
  • Final version is created
  • Fine-tuning of different areas/features can continue with iterative testing


In-person or online usability studies with a sample of 5 to 10 participants can be conducted to:

  • Moderated task-based user tests of prototypes and live websites and apps
  • Moderated Low Fidelity Paper Prototype Test
  • Moderated High Fidelity Paper Prototyping Test
  • Expectation Testing
  • Visual Affordance Test
  • Retrospective Testing
  • Competitive Usability


Online usability test using surveys with large samples are mainly used to:

  • Unmoderated task-based user tests
  • First Click Test
  • Five-Second Blink Test
  • Initial Impressions Survey
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Concept Preference voting
  • Concept Preference Survey
  • A/B testing

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