May 29, 2016
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How to Avoid Rebranding MistakesBy Michaela Mora on May 23, 2016

Rebranding without testing the new logo or other marketing elements with your target audience can lead to backlash and lost sales. Read about an example of how to do it right

Some resist doing qualitative research because it can be slow, difficult and subjective, but there are ways to make it faster, easier and more objective.

Check our infographic with the latest demographic information about Hispanics in the U.S.

The State of Sentiment AnalysisBy Michaela Mora on May 3, 2015

Many are disappointed with current Sentiment Analysis, so the search for better metrics continue. Read what we learned at the recent Social Media & Web Analytics conference.

There is lot that goes into doing good market research. Here are 10 helpful tips.

Digital Impact on In-Store Shopping [Infographic]By Michaela Mora on February 24, 2015

Physical stores can provide helpful information online to drive consumer to stores. Here are some data points showing how consumers use digital information and how it impacts their in-store shopping.

Product Bundling: To Do or Not To Do?By Michaela Mora on September 22, 2014

Many companies are faced with the decision whether to bundle or not to bundle their products. Luckily, research can help with that.

Net Promoter Score CaveatsBy Michaela Mora on September 11, 2014

The Net Promoter Score is a popular metric, but may not be the right one for your business and should not be used alone.

How to Link Customer Loyalty To ProfitsBy Michaela Mora on June 9, 2014

Attitudinal satisfaction metrics are not enough to identify loyal and profitable customers. Actual behavioral data is need.

Test The Fine Print To Gain Happy New CustomersBy Michaela Mora on February 10, 2014

Offers may sound good, but can lead to disappointed customers if the fine print is not tested as well. This may have helped DirecTV and Sam’s Club in my case.

Marketers: Customer Events Are Not Focus GroupsBy Michaela Mora on December 9, 2013

Using customer events as a form of “focus groups” would not provide the insights your are looking for in a focus group.

Conjoint Analysis MythsBy Michaela Mora on October 22, 2013

Some misconceptions about conjoint analysis have led to misplaced expectations. Read more about what you can really expect from this family of techniques.

What To Value In A Market Research VendorBy Michaela Mora on October 3, 2013

Going for the cheapest proposal to a RFP can be disastrous. Instead look at what the research vendor can offer.

Check this comparison of the paid version of SurveyMonkey with two other popular online survey tools.

Looking for a free online survey tool? Check how the three most popular ones compare.

5 Things SurveyMonkey Can’t DoBy Michaela Mora on September 9, 2013

SurveyMonkey is liked by many because of its simplicity, but for others this carries too many limitations. Read about five of them.

Conjoint Analysis is a very useful technique, but it is not perfect. Check which issues you need to consider when doing conjoint analysis.

Insights From GameStop’s Growth StoryBy Michaela Mora on October 29, 2012

Investment in customer insights pays off. Big time. Read how GameStop did it and grew as a result.

How To Minimize Memory Errors in SurveysBy Michaela Mora on October 9, 2012

Asking questions about past behaviors in a survey is quite common, but also problematic. The assumption is that respondents can give an accurate account of what they did, how often they did it or how much time, energy and money they spent doing it. The fact is that our memory fails more than we want […]

How Bad Surveys Can Turn Respondents OffBy Michaela Mora on August 21, 2012

Badly designed surveys can turn respondents away. Read about this good example of a poorly designed survey.

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