Market Segmentation & Customer Research

Market Segmentation & Customer Research Services

Market segmentation and customer research are often linked. Market segmentation is the ultimate approach to identifying new market opportunities and the most profitable customers a company should target.

Segmentation analysis can be conducted among users of a category, including customers and non-customers of a particular company or brand, but it can also be focused on a client’s customer base.

By the same token, an initial interest in understanding who the customers are may end up in a segmentation analysis.

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Market Segmentation Analysis

Market Segmentation

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Customer Research

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Why You Should Do Market Segmentation

Segmentation Analysis can:

  • Provide a comprehensive profile of customer groups in your industry: 
    • For consumer products and services – their attitudes, psychographics, behavior, demographics, and media consumption.
    • For business-to-business – company size, sales volume, number of employees, credit rating, SIC or NAICS codes, geographics, buying process and requirements, buyer characteristics, year founded, product lines/services offered, etc.
  • Estimate market size for your product and services.
  • Help to uncover any “untapped” value-added areas that could be part of a product or service.
  • Offer guidance on how to position products/services to reach the most profitable segments and what messages resonate with them.
  • Identify the most effective media vehicles and distribution channels that should be used to reach the target segments.

Who Are Your Customers?

Doing customer research will allow your company to get a deeper understanding of:

  • Customers’ behaviors, habits, and the path to purchase in your product category
  • What information sources customers use to find information and products in your category
  • Customers’ motivators and barriers to use your products and services
  • Demographics and psychographic characteristics that influence customers’ interactions with your company, products, and services
  • Different customer segments that may exist requiring different product and communication strategies
  • How customers relate to your competitors and how likely they are to stop using your products and services