Concept Testing Webinar

Summary: Michaela Mora, founder, and president of Relevant Insights discusses the topic of concept testings in this webinar, including when concept testing is needed, the main challenges we face during the development of the concept description, and different approaches to concept testing.

47 minute video. By author Michaela Mora on September 15, 2016
Topics: Analysis Techniques, Concept Testing, New Product Development, Webinar

Concept testing is one of the most common types of market research many companies do. Unfortunately, sometimes no much thought is put into the concept design for testing purposes.

Lack of a clear process to develop good concepts to avoid confusion between product features and benefits or between product and positioning concepts often leads to results that are useless at best or misleading at worst.

To clarify things up, our friends at Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo), invited us to discuss issues related to product and positioning concept testing. Give it a listen (47 minutes) or read the transcript below.