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How to Align Business Goals With Market Research Approach

The alignment between business goals with market research approach is critical for actionable market research.

For entrepreneurs who are considering investing part of their marketing budget in market research, this is my advice: Think very carefully about how you plan to use the research results in your business decision making.

Have A Clear Idea of Why You Do The Research

Although this should be obvious, I meet many business owners interested in doing market research but with a vague idea of how to use the resulting data.

Then, when they can’t mak…

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Faster, Cheaper, and Better Market Research Cartoon

There is no such thing as faster, cheaper, and better market research. It is an illusion, and it is dangerous.

However, it is the reasoning behind bringing all research inside a company with a team of one researcher and no help from outside research vendors.

Faster, cheaper, and better is also the ultimate sales pitch for new technologies and tools entering the market research industry.
Cheaper & Better Insights?

Bringing Research Inside

Cost saving is often the most significant driver behind companies’ decision to bring all market…

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Fighting In the Internal CX Revolution

Without good customer experience or CX, companies are likely to fail the race for differentiation. As a result, CX is becoming an important discussion topic in many organizations and some are even installing teams, who are finding themselves fighting in the CX culture revolution.


 What is CX?


CX or customer experience is at the root of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It extends to all the touch points a company has with potential and current customers during the pre-sale, point-of-sale, and post-sale steps of the sales cycle.


In other words, customer…

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Data Integration

Data integration is a must for delivering a good customer experience (CX). Why? Many companies are trying to improve the customer experience using personalization, using countless data sources.

However, the problem is that the same customer shows up through different channels. As a result, the CX team is treating him or her as different customers.

Tim Hayden, from Brain+Trust Partners tackled this subject at the 2018 Dallas CX Talks with his presentation Know Your Customer Before It’s Too Late. 

Above all, Hayden’s proposes creating a…

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CX Research


New product development benefits enormously from customer experience (CX) research if done right. Sometimes, CX research is reduced to gathering product attribute lists outside the context of the actual experience. Moreover, companies often do CX research on an ad-hoc basis, not as part of a process. This leads to missed opportunities to save time and money in the process.
At the 2018 Dallas CX Talks, Brian Sullivan, from Sabre, presented a case study illustrating the value of CX research to product managers. His presentation, Making the Unnatural Natura…

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