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MR Realities Podcast

I had the honor to be a guest on the MR Realities Podcast to discuss UX topics with Kevin Gray and Dave McCaughan, two well-know veterans in the research and marketing fields. Give it a listen (34 minutes) or read the transcript below.

00:00:00 – Dave McCaughan

Hello and welcome back to MR Realities. Market Research Realities is a podcast that my good friend, Kevin Gray, up in Tokyo, and I, David McCaughan here in steamy Bangkok, put together where we talk to some of the world’s leading experts in market research,…

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Market Research Plan for Startups

If you want your startup to succeed you need a market research plan. The most common reason for failed startups is the lack of need for their product and services. This goes hand-in-hand with the failure to do the right type of market research.

Having the right research on hand will help you be efficient with your resources, time and also attract investors if you need so.

Where to Start?

If you think you have a new product/service idea, inspired by anecdotal observation (e.g. personal experience of your own, family, friends, co-workers, general news) and you have not…

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Research to Avoid Product Choice Overload

Choice overload is a problem not only for users but also for investment decisions in product features that product managers, engineers, and designers have to make.

Providing too many product features requires greater mental effort from users, also called choice overload. When users get overwhelmed by too many choices, they tend to either:

Use heuristics, fixing on a couple of features that matter to them and ignoring the rest, which may lead to buyer’s regret; orEngage in an exhaustive analysis of the pros and cons that lead to analysis paralysis, and often no choice at…

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Digital Ethnography

If you want to implement agile product development, digital ethnography may be one of the research methods you need to understand how customers use your product in real circumstances.

Beyond UX research, we can use this approach to gather insights needed in the exploratory phase that often precedes many of the quantitative research we do related to new product development, pricing research, and market segmentation.

Traditional Ethnography Vs. Digital Ethnography

Traditional ethnography is based on in-person observation of the users in their natural environment, but…

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Agile Product Development

Almost 20 years after the Agile Manifesto was signed, many companies think of agile product development mainly as a fast and cheap process.

Since 2001, when the Agile Manifesto a group of software developers wrote it, the term was picked to represent a philosophical framework based on 12 principles to drive product development.

Finding a single word to summarize a complex process is a challenging task. Language evolves and the intended meaning can be lost. “Agile” seems to be suffering that fate in the product development realm.

In a recent presentation at t…

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New Product Development Strategies by Urban and Hauser

Many companies look for new product development strategies as a way to stay relevant. Although some companies can survive with the “spaghetti-on-the-wall” approach, launching one product after another, and “testing” them in the market to see what sticks, this can be a very inefficient and costly approach over time.

Fortunately, there are other alternative new product development strategies that can be more efficient.

Companies should adopt different new product development strategies at different times depending on the circumstances they find themselves in.

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How to Get Better Customer Satisfaction Metrics

To get better customer satisfaction metrics, companies need to stop distorting customer satisfaction metrics. They also need to use the right type of market and user research.

The ultimate goal of doing market research is to provide support for decision making. However, short-term business goals combined with research methodology ignorance have the potential to undermine the effort to provide actionable insights.

Customer satisfaction measurement is a good example of research going wrong in many companies. The search for linear, quantitative and simple metrics…

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Usability Guidelines for Website Navigation

Good website navigation is a basic requirement for any website. In the 2016 study about online shopping from Big Commerce asked about what factors influence shoppers to buy online.

Not surprisingly, the first one was price (87%). After price, the other 6 factors influencing purchase decisions are related to different aspects of the service or the product/brand:

Shipping cost (87%)Product variety (71%)Discount offers (71%)Trustworthy reviews (68%)Return policy (68%)Brand reputation (67%)

Navigation Experience

Once these key aspects of the service are considered,…

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