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How to Get Better Customer Satisfaction Metrics

To get better customer satisfaction metrics, companies need to stop distorting customer satisfaction metrics. They also need to use the right type of market and user research.

The ultimate goal of doing market research is to provide support for decision making. However, short-term business goals combined with research methodology ignorance have the potential to undermine the effort to provide actionable insights.

Customer satisfaction measurement is a good example of research going wrong in many companies. The search for linear, quantitative and simple metrics…

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Usability Guidelines for Website Navigation

Good website navigation is a basic requirement for any website. In the 2016 study about online shopping from Big Commerce asked about what factors influence shoppers to buy online.

Not surprisingly, the first one was price (87%). After price, the other 6 factors influencing purchase decisions are related to different aspects of the service or the product/brand:

Shipping cost (87%)Product variety (71%)Discount offers (71%)Trustworthy reviews (68%)Return policy (68%)Brand reputation (67%)

Navigation Experience

Once these key aspects of the service are considered,…

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