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Free Online Survey Tools


Customers are still looking for free online survey tools. Since I published this post in March 2010, a lot have changed in the world of online survey tools, so it is time to do a comprehensive update. The main change making the prior post obsolete is that Zoomerang, one of the tools in the initial comparison, ceased to exist after being purchased by SurveyMonkey last year.


 As we all know, the advent of online survey tools has lowered the cost of data collection and made it easier for many internal market research departments on the client side to deploy their own online surveys.


 Reduced or non-existent market research budgets continue to be the norm, and since the first publication of this post, clients are still looking for free survey online tools or very cheap solutions to get the job done. When I ask what tools are being used, the most common answers I get are SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo or Qualtrics.


 I started using SurveyMonkey almost 10 years ago when I worked on the client side and had no budget. Eventually I had to look for an online survey tool with fewer limitations. For a while I used VantagePoint, which I then abandoned for Confirmit. The latter is a very advanced tool, but also quite expensive. So my quest continued and then a few years later I stumbled upon SurveyGizmo, which really surprised me with a long list of features I wanted in an online survey tool at a very low cost. About the same time I also tested QuestionPro, but found I could get similar capabilities with SurveyGizmo at a lower price. Since QuestionPro still offers a free version of the tool I decided to include it in this review in lieu of Zoomerang.


 The reason why Qualtrics is not included in this post is that its free version is actually a trial version. You have access to all the features in the tool, but once you use up your allowed number of responses (250) you are forced to upgrade to the paid version. I have had the chance to use Qualtrics on behalf of several clients, and I think it is a terrific tool. It has tons of features, but also a steep price. For more on Qualtrics check the post “Review Of Three Powerful Online Survey Tools


 There are many online survey tools that offer a free limited version so you can test the tool and have a feel for it. However, not all free versions are equal. Since I still get asked what online survey tools can be used for free, I decided to share this review of three online survey tools that seem to be popular on a set of features that would allow me to create from simple to slightly more advanced surveys.


General Overview SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Number of surveys 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of questions Up to 25/page, 5 pages 10 12
Number of responses 100/survey 100/survey 100/survey
Multi-page surveys
Account users 1 1 1
Question types 8 15 15
Graphic survey templates 22 15 18
Real-time reporting
Data exporting    
Never delete data
Supports all languages
Price Free Free Free
Question Types SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Textbox – Short text
Textbox – Numeric Format Validation
Textbox – Email Format Validation  
Essay – Long text
Multiple text fields
Table of text fields  
Table of checkboxes
Radio button
Table of radio buttons
Drop-down menu
Tables of dropdown menus  
Ranking – Table format  
Ranking – Drag & Drop  
Ranking – Top X# of items    
Ranking – Stars    
Constant sum
Continuous sum    
Contact information form
Date format
Survey Formatting SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Customizable font family  
Customizable font size  
Customizable font color    
Customizable background colors    
Add/Edit Options in Bulk
Add an open textbox so users can add to their own choice
Change orientation of labels and options
Change position of labels    
Editable Next, Submit, and Close buttons text
Optional question numbering
Fully Customizable XHTML/CSS templates    
Auto-format as currency, percentage, or a whole number
Editable general error message    
Change length, height, and width of textbox or table
Editable survey width  
Editable survey after deployment
Report Creation Options SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Real-time online report
Graphing – Use a bar graph, pie chart or spreadsheet to view answers
Export Data to Excel, CSV    
Browse All Responses Individually
Can change titles and internal report values
Clear all responses
Survey Deployment SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Send email using survey tool  
JavaScript option embed surveys using JavaScript
Embed surveys using an iFrame
Embed surveys into a Webpage
Kiosk Mode
Offline Mode
Post to Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
Password protection  
Set a cutoff date and time  
Set maximum response count  
Enable IP blocking    
Redirect browser  
Link to panel providers
Linked to own panel
Incentive Management tool    
Other Survey Options SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Make questions required
Randomize the answers to your question
Randomize columns    
Reorder Questions
Set how many checkboxes someone can check
Pipe in values from answered questions into later questions’ answers
Upload images  
Embed external images and media  
Min and Max options for numerical answers
Prevent search engines from indexing survey
Thank You page    
Add a “Close” button to Thank You page    
Back Button Optional
Progress Bar Optional
Add custom variables to each link
Create hidden variables    
Compliance with Section 508 guidelines of the Rehabilitation Act
Export survey to PDF  
Export survey to Word  
Polls SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Poll Types Single choice, Image choice, Ranking   Single choice, Multiple choice, Text Box
Poll result sharing
Vote protection  
Poll Widget sizing  
3rd Party Integration SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Open API access
Via ClickTools
MailChimp integration    
Affiliate program  
Support SurveyGizmo SurveyMonkey QuestionPro
Support via email
Support – FAQ, Tutorials
Support – Chat    



As you can see SurveyGizmo and QuestionPro have many more useful features in their free versions than SurveyGizmo, although a few are missing. Survey deployment capabilities continue to be a weak area for the free version of SurveyGizmo, where SurveyMonkey and QuestionPro do better. For example, in SurveyGizmo’s free version I miss the ability to send survey invitations within the tool (you can do it with a paid subscription), but that can be fixed using MailChimp or any other email distribution system. If you use an external system, be aware that in order to send reminders, you have to download the data to check who answered the survey and then extract those from the reminder list. It is a bit of work, but doable.  


Although SurveyGizmo and QuestionPro have similar capabilities in basic functions, the latter doesn’t let you download the data without upgrading to a paid subscription, which in my opinion is a big deal breaker since you don’t have access to the raw data to do any analyses you may need. SurveyMonkey has the same limitation.


 As a professional market researcher I usually need very robust tools, so free online survey tools often fall short on providing features needed to develop complex surveys. Notice that none of these 3 free versions offer skip logic, but if you only need to deploy linear surveys without having to skip questions or reroute respondents, and don’t want or can’t spent a dime, I recommend you give SurveyGizmo a try. If you have some change to spare, I recommend you use on of SurveyGizmo’s paid subscription plans, which don’t require a long term contract obligation and have many more features at a reasonable price.

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Anne Holland Posted: April 1, 2010

I’ve used all of these since they launched, and my main pain point has always been tech glitches. Do they have enough servers? Will my survey slow or crash if I get a lot of traffic? Are there programming glitches that screw up the advanced features? Nobody perfect so far….

Christian Vanek Posted: April 1, 2010


It’s been a long time — I hope all is well with you! I agree, the perfect platform hasn’t hit the market yet. Naturally as the CTO & Founder of SurveyGizmo I hope that SurveyGizmo will emerge as the “perfect” platform in the end — and we are spending a lot of time and money trying to do so!

Just with people I think “perfect” isn’t generally possible. But quality and stability are another kettle of fish. They are achievable, perhaps hard to scale and maintain, but totally achievable.

Great article, Michaela. Thanks so much for the praise. I hope we continue to earn it!


CTO & Co-Founder, SurveyGizmo

Michaela Mora Posted: April 1, 2010

I have only experienced issues like that with VantangePoint, but not with any of these 3 tools. I think the concept of perfection is relative to what you value the most in a tool based on the types of research projects you manage. For some users, one of these tools might just be “perfect.”

Michaela Mora Posted: April 1, 2010

Christian, Thanks for the feedback!

Andy Perkins Posted: April 11, 2010

Great review! I’ve used each of the three as well and continue to gravitate to SurveyGizmo. One important feature for me is that SurveyGizmo allows me to use an independent panel company for panels.

The ability to do so brings a bit of a learning curve but it’s worth the effort.

Finally there’s a completely new version that’s just about to launch. It looks to smooth most of the minor annoyances that customers have have brought to their attention.

Andy Perkins
The Satisfaction Questionnaire Blog

Tim Posted: May 11, 2010

Why didn’t you compare Qualtrics? They are the best I’ve ever used. You should check them out. I have used all three.

Michaela Mora Posted: May 11, 2010

I have used Qualtrics and admit it is a good tool, but it is in another price category and I don’t think it is as known as these other three I reviewed in the post. Qualtric’s free trial version doesn’t seem to allow you to use it for free in the long run since it is limited to 2 surveys. I would not be comparing apples to apples in this particular review of free online survey tools. I still think that SurveyGizmo offers a very good value for the number of features it offers even in its paid versions.

Antonio Manuel Muñiz Posted: May 18, 2010


IMHO the only FREE survey tool is actually Opina (, because it’s Open Source!. So Opina offers all his functionality for free, since you can download and perform a custom standalone installation.


Michaela Mora Posted: May 18, 2010

Hola Antonio,

Opina might be free, but I think it is missing some key features that a user may be looking for based on this comparison which it seems you did based on my own review above.

Antonio Manuel Muñiz Posted: May 19, 2010

Hello Michaela,

You’re right, our comparative is based you own review, indeed we had included a link to your review in our blog post.

We thought that would be interesting to include in this comparison Opina, although it missed some features (that in my opinion are no keys).


Joris Posted: May 28, 2010

@Andy Can you tell me which independent panel company you are using together with Surveygizmo?

Michaela Mora Posted: June 7, 2010

There are different panel companies to choose from. For each project, there a different criteria to consider (i.e. cost, incidence, sample source, etc.) so there is not one company I use.

Michaela Mora Posted: October 14, 2010


Although it is unclear on the site, you can have a free basic account in SurveyGizmo beyond the free trial. Your comment made me curious so I checked with them and got it confirmed. Remember I’m comparing here only the free versions. In my experience the free version of Zoomerang is more limited than SurveyGizmo’s, but if new feaures have been added to the free version, let me know.
Thanks for your comment,

Michaela Mora Posted: October 15, 2010


Here I’m comparing the features you get across all three tools in their free versions. For me it is also about powerful features, so based on that I found you get more of those for free in SurveyGizmo than in the other two tools. Are you using the free or the paid version of Zoomerang?


Allan Ebdrup Posted: October 16, 2010

May I suggest that you check out my own survey tool project at
It’s still in beta, and it’s completely free without any limitations and without any ads.
I would love some feedback 🙂

Sean Posted: November 3, 2010

I have always found to be really easy to use compared to the other survey tools out there.

alternatekev Posted: November 23, 2010

If you decide to update this in the future, it’d be great to include Polldaddy in these comparisons. Thanks!

shawn Posted: December 21, 2010

There is one more tool which offer similar functionality like above sites. Although it not that much feature rich, but it works well for basic needs and advance reports.
It’s It’s very cheap compare to big player in market.

c_schmitz Posted: January 7, 2011

Seriously guys,

The open source survey tool (completely free) with the most features in its class is Limesurvey:
It is also available more than 55 languages.

Natan Posted: January 19, 2011

Another Survey Tool

I highly recommend Rational Survey. It lets you reuse questions in multiple surveys and has an amazing interface that makes survey creation a breeze. I’m also using the social media (Facebook and Twitter) integration methods to survey my clients and friends. Take a look:

Mariah Posted: February 7, 2011

I guess the best one tool that i`ve ever seen is KeySurvey,
take a look guys –

Chris Posted: March 23, 2011

What are the 3 features of effective online survey.

Could any one help ?

Michaela Mora Posted: March 25, 2011


Are you referring to effectiveness of an online survey too or a survey ability to capture valid and reliable data? If the latter, I suggest you check this post:
If it is the former, it depends on what you want to do and how complex your survey is. For many of our projects, it is important that an online survey tool offers:
– Advanced skip logic and piping
– Quota controls by specific questions or combination thereof
– Many different types of questions (select, multiple, rating, ranking, etc.)

Customer Thermometer Posted: May 12, 2011

Gartner released a statistic at its keynote address the other week – 70% of companies soliciting customer feedback fail to respond to customers. Shocking! But we think it’s because surveys have grown into customer satisfaction from customer research – and they aren’t geared towards helping companies respond in real time.

We’d recommend checking out for a quick and customer-friendly way to solicit feedback.

Bram McFelling Posted: June 22, 2011


Thanks for your article, it’s a handy overview. Can you tell me if these features are still up-to-date today? You wrote it on the 30th of March, 2010 and I already read some comments about it being not complete correct.

Now I thought you updated it (because of some lines of feedback you wrote), but I’m not sure.

Michaela Mora Posted: June 29, 2011


Thank for your comment. I just updated the article. Check it out again.

Allan Ebdrup Posted: June 29, 2011 is out of beta, we’ve added a lot of features. But more importantly, the solution is so very easy to use.

Jordan Plater Posted: June 29, 2011


I work at Qualtrics and our trial account includes everything on the list and more. You can use up to 350 responses on two active surveys at one time. You said it is not as well known, however, Qualtrics gets about 3X the amount of page hits as Zoomerang and Surveygizmo. You really need to include Qualtrics in your chart. Of course, then it wouldn’t be a comparison!

Also, we have a new 360 assessment platform that was just launched a couple months ago. You should check it out too.

Michaela Mora Posted: June 29, 2011

Thanks for your comment. I mentioned in the post, Qualtric being a great tool. My understanding is that once you use your 350 responses the free trial is up and you need to pay for the license, correct? If this is the case, someone who can only afford a free tool on an ongoing basis can only use Qualtrics for a couple of projects, which doesn’t make it comparable to the tools above. By the way, having page many hits doesn’t necessarily mean people are actually using and paying for the tool, although I hear more and more people mentioning Qualtrics. Again, I have used it and can attest it is a powerful tool.

Rich Brooks Posted: June 29, 2011

I recently started using Google Docs for free online surveys. The price is right and you don’t hit the ceiling with limits like you do a lot of the other tools that you mention here (and that I’ve used.)

You can use Google Docs to create a free online survey and embed it into your site. If you’re interested, I created a video that shows how to set up an online survey w/Google Docs here:

Michaela Mora Posted: June 29, 2011

Thanks for sharing this option Rich!

Samir Posted: July 13, 2011

Thanks for for informing us on the wonderful features of Surveygizmo. There is one feature not mentioned:

Extremely ‘painful’ when it comes to cancelling an account. They just don’t want to let go!! In addition one is literally bombarded by emails from SurveyGizmo and it takes a long time to stop them by sending repeated emails to the concerned.

Apologies for using some hard words but I had a bad time opting out.

Christian Vanek Posted: July 19, 2011

Hi Samir,

I’m really sorry that you had a difficult time downgrading. Do you mind emailing me and telling me about your experience? Was your subscription not canceled correctly? My email address is christian @

In terms of email — which emails are you talking about in particular? I can talk to our marketing department and make sure they are applying the un-sub list to every email campaign we send out.

Please shoot me an email so I can look into why your experience was not up to our normal standard.

Again, I’m sorry your experience was not as smooth as it should have been.


Christian Vanek
CEO & Co-Founder

Ernest Pile Posted: July 27, 2011

I have tried used Zoomerang and Survey Monkey for projects within my company. Both fall short in two categories: adequate metrics from surveys received and the abiltiy to assign administrator roles so that several users (e.g., account users from different deparments) may go online and construct and maintain separate surveys. Is that possible with any survey tool? Do any tools offer a multiple user license?

Michaela Mora Posted: July 28, 2011


SurveyGizmo offers up to 10 users in its enterprise solution. Check it out:

S. Master Posted: August 12, 2011

For your consideration: The Survey Project is a group of inspired volunteers willing to spend time and make an effort to create free open source survey software and share creative experiences along the way.

Survey™ is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing & gathering data online.

Survey™ is ideal for anyone who needs to collect valuable information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently. It enables users without coding knowledge to develop and publish surveys through the internet.

Survey™ is an open source web application written in C# .NET based on a MSSQL database. The Survey sources save .NET developers time and effort in creating surveys in web application projects and provides many features to fit different requirements and business needs.


Jasko Posted: August 15, 2011

Hi guys

Me and my team are entrepreneurs from Sweden and we are developing a cool survey tool that is for now on picture-based. So if you have time and want to test SurveyLegend a.k.a THE LEGEND pleas do on


Michaela Mora Posted: August 19, 2011

Jätte kul Jasko!

Sandy Yost Posted: August 21, 2011


Another great post – very detailed and helpful side-by-side comparison..and ensuring you are comparing apples to apples shows your committment to valid research.

As such, have you done a similar comparision for survey tools requiring a fee? I realize that many offer various levels, so maybe a comparison of the ultimate/top-level option? I would love to see such a comparison, if it’s feasible.

Michaela Mora Posted: August 21, 2011


Thanks for your comment. I have that in my to-do list, but an apple-to-apple comparison becomes harder since most tools have tiered pricing models with the most expensive options offering all available features. I need to find comparable options.

Ettina Posted: August 25, 2011

Do you know if any of those can be set to report a score back to the respondant, so they get something out of filling out the survey too? It seems most tools either having good ability to give feedback to respondants *or* good ability to record & analyze results, but not both.

Michaela Mora Posted: August 26, 2011

If you do Polls in SurveyGizmo, you can display the results with the respondents, like the example at the end of the article. Most tools that offer Polls have this capability.

Amanda Posted: September 12, 2011

Looking at SurveyGizmo’s options, all of them require a paid subscription of some sort, but offer a 14 day free trial. Did they increase to all paid subscriptions recently, as your post lists an entirely free option?

Michaela Mora Posted: September 12, 2011

If you click on the Plans & Pricing tab and scroll down below the boxes showing the priced plans and you will see a link to create a free account where it says ” Give us a ring and we’ll help you pick a plan, or get a free account, student account or non-profit account.”

hedge Posted: September 20, 2011

I use Createsurvey from Used to be surveymonley but they get more expensive every year and cut off free version options.

Tony Posted: September 21, 2011

if you need a mobile survey platform that work on mobile phones, check out Easy and intuitive way to create surveys and distribute to all internet capable devices. Facebook and twitter integration!

hedge Posted: October 18, 2011

This table compares CreateSurvey Professional and SurveyMonkey Platinum at

Tonia Steciuk Posted: October 27, 2011

Hi Michaela,

Thanks for the interesting article.

I wanted to let you know about Eval & GO, a new online survey tool. I think that your readers will be pretty excited by the range of questions and branding options that are available.

The Eval & GO suite includes survey creation, advanced reporting and analysis and contact management.

The fully integrated revolutionary data analysis engine allows custom analysis using drag and drop technology with no previous data analysis skills required. Advanced cross-tabulation and scoring are both possible.

You can then generate a 1-click automatic report or create your own custom report, using the data you want. Reports are ready for export to Word, PDF, Excel or for publishing online. In addition, our contact manager allows you to create and manage your own contact database easily and efficiently.

Your readers are invited to create a free account by visiting

Best regards,
Tonia Steciuk

Michaela Mora Posted: October 28, 2011

Hi Tonia,
You have a pretty long list of good features. Price-wise a little on the up side if one wants to get some basic features.

Tonia Steciuk Posted: November 1, 2011

Hi Michaela,

Thanks for your feedback! We’ve aimed to raise the bar in the online survey industry by providing a fully inclusive online survey solution that includes features not seen elsewhere such as custom reporting, advanced analysis and contact management as well as survey creation and publication.

We really hope that you’ll consider us when you update your free online survey tool comparison in the future!

Linh Posted: November 23, 2011

I wanted to add to this list of survey tools. helps you quickly create online surveys that are accessible from any internet capable devices. Your users can access the same survey from their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops at anytime.

hedge Posted: December 6, 2011

I use Createsurvey from For a start, unlike others, they give FIVE surveys per free account, not one. And further the list gets better. Paid accounts are also cheaper.

Andrew Posted: December 12, 2011

Hi Michaela,

Give SurveyBuilder a try –

It’s completely free with no limits. There are no subscription fees. The interesting thing is the ability to purchase qualified traffic – for which they charge.

The UI is pretty slick.

Anna Leshinsky Posted: March 16, 2012

I have repeatedly received information from various sources that is a breakthrough between other online questionnaire tools. Someone trying/using this service ?

Lorraine Posted: April 16, 2012


Im looking for a survey program (free or affordable) that I can use to embed the survey directly in the email, rather than sending a link.

Can you recommend which program to use?


Michaela Mora Posted: April 16, 2012

You can use SurveyGizmo for that. As an example see the little poll embedded in this post. Other tools allow you to that as well.


John Posted: April 20, 2012

If you are in the UK, it would be best to stick to a UK company due to data protection act not applicable on US survey sites. I use, they provide good support and also a free edition.

Tom G Posted: April 23, 2012

I prefer to any other software.

They’re software is easy to use, professional, effective and well priced. Oh yeah, and UK based.

Amy Anderson Lee Posted: June 13, 2012

I recently signed up on and I feel their product is good. Simple & easy to use with a variety of options.

Ron E Posted: June 13, 2012

Very nice article. However, one of the problems I have seen is that some of the very advance survey tools do not know how to sell their product and are slowly dying. I recently came across the tool that Amy just mentioned
Have been using it for about 2 months now. Have done 1 large project with them. The enterprise account, their highest cost %59 a month, but I firmly believe that it is a rock solid product. I think they have the best and most number of features. I like their usability and UI. But some people find %59 also expensive…i did not…so I am good.

Pascal Aguiar Posted: June 26, 2012

I have used and feel that its a pretty good software. Used it for all my college marketing projects. They offer some great reports etc. Highly recommended!

Andre Durrant Posted: June 26, 2012

I agree with Ron, is no doubt a solid product. You actually goto use it to know about all the features. Recently they introduced their “Chain Invite” function, which lets you make your Survey go viral i.e you can distribute it to a large group of friends, who can in turn distribute it to their large group of friends, and so on and so on…

Patrick Posted: June 29, 2012

We are using SurveyExpression The free account is more than enough for our basic needs, as it allows to to collect responses and also download our data for free.

Ed Hill Posted: July 2, 2012

Just signed up with – enterprise account – $59/month. Looks good. Designed and distributed my first survey.

Aaron Kaos Posted: July 5, 2012

I agree with Ron & Amy, I wasn’t aware of SoGOSurvey, till last week and am happy I created an account. Would soon be upgrading my account to the paid version. Great survey designing tool.

carla salavedra Posted: July 5, 2012

Good article, howerver I also would recomend SoGoSurvey!
They offer different possibilitites, and for students you can have a Free Academic Plan.
A part from having unlimited questions and answer, the system allow you vary the themes with a lot of complements. The same happen with the question formats.

Sarah N Posted: July 5, 2012

Multi user access to same account is possible in

Ron W Posted: August 6, 2012

This article “MAY” have been extremely useful in 2010, but as of now (2012) things seemed to have changed. For example, SurveyGismo’s free trial now is limited to only 25, NOT 250, responses, and then you need to upgrade. Also, the pricing for SurveyGizmo seems to start at $75/year without any monthly options.

This article would greatly benefit from an updated review of what is available.

Michaela Mora Posted: August 27, 2012

You still can get 250 responses per month with a free SG account. Check this: You may have taken the 14-day free trial which requires to upgrade. That’s a free trial of the tool with all its functionality available. The free account doesn’t require upgrade, you just get a scaled-down version of the tool. That may be enough for some projects. The paid version is actually $75/month. For a comparison of SG’s paid version check this post:

Mette Posted: September 15, 2012

Hi everyone, great review.
However, do take a look at Completely free, very easy to customize, lots of options, including branch logic for FREE.
No restrictions on no. of questions or participants.

Have a nice week-end everyone!

Survey Crest Posted: October 16, 2012

Online survey tools have made it a whole lot easier for businesses to collect and comprehend data. You can also use Survey Crest to carry out an online survey free of cost for your marketing aid.

Free Online Surveys Posted: October 2, 2013

Just to help keep this blog bost up to date I am adding another one here:

> Completely free, no limits, no trials etc.
> Reliable (I have been using it for several years)
> No question limit
> No response limit

Most of all it is very user friendly.

SeamusH Posted: October 27, 2013

I can also give SoGoSurvey a recommendation for their support. We evaluated their product, and while we ended up (unfortunately IMO) not being able to implement their solution, their support and responsiveness to my questions was absolutely first class. I only hope we can sort out some of our own issues , so that we could give them a go in the future.

John Posted: November 20, 2013

Like esurv, Surveyi ( also offers free unlimited questions, surveys and responses. That applies to all plans including the free one. Most of the other sites which claim to have free unlimited questions and responses, (such as kwiksurveys for example) have hidden charges when you exceed certain limits such as the question count for example.

Surveyi also has quite a few example surveys and themes to get you started.

Sam Moser Posted: November 21, 2013

I’ll definitely try it out, i’m sick and tired of all the paid tools that fail to live up to my expectations.

jean In het panhuis Posted: February 9, 2014

Dear Michaela
Thanks for your review. There is one important negative issue of SurveyGizmo I would like to mention. When you open an account you standard do not start with the free plan.

When you downgrade to the free version you cannot access your survey’s anymore. The only thing you can do is pay for the basic version.
I think this should be mentioned earlier when you subscribe to avoid that you already put a lot of time in creating surveys.
best regards
jean In het Panhuis

Claire Morgan Posted: April 23, 2014

Great review! Following Allan’s earlier comment, at Obsurvey ( we are launching versions of the service in languages other than English so that might help users less fluent in English.

ltgseb Posted: May 4, 2014

I’ve created surveys with many survey tools, many of which are mentioned above, and Surveymoz – wins in my book. Only thing missing is mobile-friendliness. Also check out – they’re all free (for now) and working hard to be the best tool out there.

Victoria Casey Posted: May 12, 2014

Another tool for surveys especially if they need customised privacy settings, field data collection and automatically generated reports is collate box ! I really like it

Gary Wood Posted: May 21, 2014

Maybe this isn’t the correct forum for this type of question (but would appreciate any helpful response / link-to)… Any RX’s ???? for
>low-volume individual respondent branched-logic questionnaire
>”unlimited” # questions
>conditional if-then question selection based on numerical value response
>editable text (Word / PDF) report
>Excel / CSS data reporting
>customize visual UI & logo
>Thank You page with respondent feedback

>wouldn’t need to be free… just reasonable

Michaela Mora Posted: June 8, 2014

Hi Gary,
You should check SurveyGizmo. It has everything you listed above.

David Wogan Posted: May 26, 2014

Choosing the right platform depends on how a survey is going to be administered. In a face-to-face setting, interaction is very important. Offline survey platforms, like QuickTapSurvey, features big buttons and interactive question types which enables data to be collected in a fun and conversational way. Offline surveys are extremely useful when a location has no internet connectivity, as information is stored locally on a device.

When respondents are online, use an online survey platform like SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, TypeForm, Wufoo.

While QuickTapSurvey is the perfect choice for conducting face-to-face (i.e. mobile or offline) surveys, many users also need to send a web-based survey to a group of people or want to have a survey available online that can be accessed from a browser. Using a combination of online and offline surveys will give your research more depth. With QuickTapSurvey, you can convert existing online SurveyMonkey surveys into offline mobile surveys for face-to-face data collection.

Here’s more information about importing SurveyMonkey surveys into QuickTapSurvey:

Vototop Posted: July 2, 2014

Hi, we build Vototop. It is a free online voting platform. This is a new philosophy website. The Vototop website is based on commenting and voting towards the TOP. You can create a VOTO or a VOTEE and get people to vote for their preferences. At the same time you can vote and comment to the VOTOs created by other visitors. You can always browse the site silently seeing what others think about things! Please visit our website, try it, give your comment and feedback.

Vijay Posted: July 30, 2014

Hi All,

You can give a try to Survey Analytics too

It gives more options to customize and has a more set of questions too.

Mashallow Posted: October 5, 2014

Another great tool : You can create surveys by comparing 2 images at a time. You vote until only your favorite remains. It’s easy to use and fun.

Elizabeth Scott Posted: October 11, 2014

Great comparison of the online survey tools. This would definitely help me for my next research project.

Barneys Posted: October 27, 2014

Definitely the best survey tool so far

Andy Lees Posted: November 3, 2014

Collecting the data is only part of the problem. What it means for your business, and how to improve the customer satisfaction scores you have are the real issues.

Traditionally those questions have been answered by market research professionals. But a new digital service is available to make customer survey data more actionable. It called Satsum. Right now it’s available for free at (

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