Fighting In The CX Internal Culture Revolution

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Fighting In the Internal CX Revolution

Without good customer experience or CX, companies are likely to fail the race for differentiation. As a result, CX is becoming an important discussion topic in many organizations and some are even installing teams, who are finding themselves fighting in the CX culture revolution.

 What is CX?

CX or customer experience is at the root of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It extends to all the touch points a company has with potential and current customers during the pre-sale, point-of-sale, and post-sale steps of the sales cycle.

In other words, customer experience is an integrated view of how customers interact with a brand, a company, and its products. Consequently, it goes beyond specific transactions and interactions with customer service.  Although these are key components of many customer experiences, they are not the only ones.

Given the increased volume of customer experience mentions, I decided to attend the 2018 Dallas CX Talks in May 2018. This was a full day of TED-Talk-like presentations from both large corporations and CX consultants and agencies.

A Culture Revolution is Needed

The similarity of the presentations surprised me.  The struggle to get management and the whole company on the customer experience wagon was a central theme across many presentations. Executives are just now waking up to the idea that there is money in improving customer experience. At the same time, customer experience professionals have been struggling to communicate its value. 

The solution requires an organizational culture change, getting out of silos, and communication between departments. But above all, it requires feeling empathy with customers. 

In conclusion, in 2018, CX was about driving an internal culture revolution. Its agents are the professionals who are working hard to make organizations aware of the value of focusing on customer experience. Many were conducting internal workshops and customer research. The goal was to help their management teams and other stakeholders to discover the obvious.

Below are the links to summaries of some of the presentations from the 2018 Dallas CX Talks I found insightful:

The second installment of this event in Dallas is coming up on June 10, 2019. I’ll check how the revolution is coming along.

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