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B2B Websites

Many B2B websites fail at their primary objective: To help B2B buyers do their job; buying, that is. They forget that B2B buyers are also consumers who are increasingly making purchases online. This affects their expectations of how any website, including B2B websites, is supposed to work.

Moreover, many B2B sites are purposely vague or use self-aggrandizing jargon to entice potential buyers to call. The problem is that B2B buyers are busy people. They don’t want to waste time hearing a sales pitch unless they think you have something they want.

Consequently, B2B websites…

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Good website navigation is a basic requirement for any business website. A recent study about online shopping from Big Commerce asked about what factors influence shoppers to buy online.
Not surprisingly, the first one is the price (87%). After price, the other 6 factors influencing purchase decisions are related to different aspects of the service or the product/brand:

Shipping cost (87%)
Product variety (71%)
Discount offers (71%)
Trustworthy reviews (68%)
Return policy (68%)
Brand reputation (67%)

Navigation Experience
Once thes…

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