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Fighting In the Internal CX Revolution

Without good customer experience or CX, companies are likely to fail the race for differentiation. As a result, CX is becoming an important discussion topic in many organizations and some are even installing teams, who are finding themselves fighting in the CX culture revolution.


 What is CX?


CX or customer experience is at the root of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It extends to all the touch points a company has with potential and current customers during the pre-sale, point-of-sale, and post-sale steps of the sales cycle.


In other words, customer…

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Data Integration

Data integration is a must for delivering a good customer experience (CX). Why? Many companies are trying to improve the customer experience using personalization, using countless data sources.

However, the problem is that the same customer shows up through different channels. As a result, the CX team is treating him or her as different customers.

Tim Hayden, from Brain+Trust Partners tackled this subject at the 2018 Dallas CX Talks with his presentation Know Your Customer Before It’s Too Late. 

Above all, Hayden’s proposes creating a…

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