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Select All That Apply Vs. Dichotomous Grid


Survey researchers have been debating and researching whether to use dichotomous grid questions (dual-column grid format) or multi-response questions for a while. Both are common survey question types together with rating scales.


Acquiescence Bias


The driver behind this effort is the search for ways to minimize respondent acquiescence bias. This is the tendency to positively agree with all questions or statements in a survey.


Multi-response questions, in which the respondents are asked to select all the options that apply, is a common question format…

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UX Design Process Spiral

UX research methods are becoming popular as more companies try to provide a good user experience to their customers. Many are realizing this is not limited to improving a website or app usability.

User Experience Design Process

Designing a good user experience requires a user-centric iterative process. This can be represented as a continuous loop of four key phases  and that always comes back to the user:

Assessment: Understand what users are doing, what their needs are, and what problems they faceDesign: Develop ideas of how to deliver a solution to the problems…

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User Experience

More and more companies have started paying attention to user experience (UX). This is often associated with the experience using websites, apps, or at physical stores. At times, user experience is reduced to usability issues, but it goes beyond that.

Where is the User Experience Happening

The fact is that user experience happens every time a customer interacts with a product or service while:

Choosing the product/serviceAcquiring the product/serviceLearning to use the product/serviceUsing the product/serviceFixing the product/service, if applicableUpgrading t…

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Survey Design Mistakes

Start with good survey design, if you want good survey data. I recently took a brand awareness and positioning survey in the yogurt category that left me wondering how useful my answers were to the brands in question.


First Mistake


After some screening questions, I got one about familiarity with different brands of yogurt, the point at which I started questioning the survey quality. In this case, this question used  the following 3-point scale:


1. Never heard of

2. Heard of, but never used

3. Familiar


Although this…

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Customer Acquisition & Retention

Market research should support decisions related to customer acquisition and retention goals. After all, businesses are either working to acquire or retain customers, or both.

If you plan to put aside money for market research this year, think very carefully about how you will use research results in your business decisions.

I meet many business owners interested in market research. However, some have only a vague idea of how they will use the resulting data. Then, they are disappointed when they don’t get the insights they ultimately need.

The solution is to…

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2016 Presidential Election Results

The accuracy of election polls has been under fire for quite some time, but more so during the 2016 presidential election. Results from election polls were part of our daily news diet during this period.

Many institutions, from universities to media outlets, jumped on the polling wagon. However, made it very difficult to decide in which one to believe.

Mentions of results from election polls usually included information about sample size and margin of error. Nonetheless, that’s not enough to evaluate their quality.

Comparing election polls is nearly impossib…

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Concept Testing Webinar

Welcome to our Concept Testing Webinar!


Concept testing is one of the most common types of market research many companies do. Unfortunately, sometimes no much thought is put into the concept design for testing purposes.


Lack of a clear process to develop good concepts to avoid confusion between product features and benefits or between product and positioning concepts often leads to results that are useless at best or misleading at worst.


To clarify things up, our friends at SurveyGizmo, invited us to discuss issues related to product and…

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B2B Websites

Many B2B websites fail at their primary objective: To help B2B buyers do their job; buying, that is. They forget that B2B buyers are also consumers who are increasingly making purchases online. This affects their expectations of how any website, including B2B websites, is supposed to work.

Moreover, many B2B sites are purposely vague or use self-aggrandizing jargon to entice potential buyers to call. The problem is that B2B buyers are busy people. They don’t want to waste time hearing a sales pitch unless they think you have something they want.

Consequently, B2B websites…

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Good website navigation is a basic requirement for any business website. A recent study about online shopping from Big Commerce asked about what factors influence shoppers to buy online.
Not surprisingly, the first one is the price (87%). After price, the other 6 factors influencing purchase decisions are related to different aspects of the service or the product/brand:

Shipping cost (87%)
Product variety (71%)
Discount offers (71%)
Trustworthy reviews (68%)
Return policy (68%)
Brand reputation (67%)

Navigation Experience
Once thes…

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Rebranding cartoon - Tom Fishburne

Rebranding mistakes are easy to make. This cartoon of Tom Fishburne about rebranding brought me memories of my time as Director of Research for Blockbuster Online when we launched a service called Blockbuster Total Access.
This service not only allowed you to rent movies online but also you could exchange online rentals for new movies at the store. The cool part was that you had movies to watch while waiting for new movies to arrive by mail.
Understand You are Not The User
As part of the launch, we decided to redesign the envelope used to send movies by…

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